The Bastards

(Jammin' with Greg Hetson)


Simi Valley, CA, United States

 "If The Sex Pistols and The Ramones had a baby, it would be a Bastard..." BAM Magazine 1994

The 80’s: The Beginning & Island Records

The Bastards, started life as a band in the working class hole of the world, Wakefield - Yorkshire, England in the early 80's. Formed in high school by brothers AL & Daz Simpson, a true English punk band raised on the Sex Pistols, Clash, Sham 69, The Undertones and heavy dose of The Ramones.

In 1988 with the average age of the band only 18! The Bastards signed a development deal with Island Music UK .

" Even though we had a cool A&R guy (Nigel Coxon) we still got fucked over like everyone else, due to the crap UK music scene at the end of the 80's, when dance bubble gum shit was all the rage". Daz


The 90’s: Moving to Los Angeles & The “Meet The Bastards” EP

In December 1990 The Bastards packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles. 

In 1993 they self financed (from Touring and Merchandise sales) a five track ep: “Meet The Bastards”

During 1994 Meet The Bastards made The Bastards the buzz of the industry.

LA Weekly called them: "The UK's number 1 punk band".

Germany's premier punk radio station proclaimed: "We've seen the future of English punk and it's The Bastards!" 

BAM Magazine Stated "If The Sex Pistols and The Ramones had a baby, it would be a Bastard..."

In the midst of all this attention and praise .. and just like their hero's ... On the eve of signing a major label deal they imploded. The Bastards crashed and burned. 

2002: The 1st Reunion & “Old Fat & Sweaty”

At the urging of a number of industry insiders and punk rock peers The Bastards re-united in 2002. 

During 2003 & 2004 The Bastards re-recorded 4 of the original tracks from Meet The Bastards and added 10 new songs. “Old, Fat & Sweaty” was born.


“Old Fat & Sweaty” is a full frontal, wall of sound, assault that connected with Punks young and old alike.



· Top 30 over 30 College Radio Stations

· 1000’s of paid downloads

In 2006, Satisfied that they had finally finished what they had started in the 80’s The Bastards rode off into the sunset. This would normally be the end…

2015: Social Media Demands Another Reunion

In mid 2015 The Bastards were told that “Old Fast & Sweaty” had taken on a life of its own on song share sites like SPOTIFY. Unknowingly they had developed, a cult following. 

A FaceBook page was created and “Old, Fat & Sweaty” was put on SoundCloud. 

September 2015 The Bastards announced on Facebook that in 2016 they would be recording a new album. 

Within 30 days of the announcement the tracks from “Old Fat & Sweaty” had been played over 30,000 times on SoundCloud

2016-2017: “Straight Outta Yorkshire”

In late 2016 The Bastards recorded “Straight Outta Yorkshire” 10 new tracks that will build upon the success of “Old, Fat & Sweaty”. 

Produced by punk legend Greg Hetson (Bad Religion & Circle Jerks) and engineered by Pennywise Producer Ian Petersen, Straight Outta Yorkshire was self released on April 1st 2017. 

A sold out crowd at The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood saw The Bastards launch their latest album joined on stage by Greg Hetson. Headline shows, a Southwest USA tour and support slots with T.S.O.L , Agent Orange, The Vibrators & UnWritten law have followed. 

Almost 30 years since they first arrived in Los Angeles and The Bastards are starting their next chapter with No Affiliation Records.

… to be continued!!